An innovative concept

In fifteen years, the AVIGNON MOTOR FESTIVAL has developed into THE event in the south of France for lovers of fine automotive engineering. Covering 50,000 square metres, 27500m² of which are indoors, AMF differs from other motor shows in the sheer number of exhibition halls: 12 in all, with 400 exhibitors, including 140 clubs. In 2016, more than 48,000 people visited AMF, all potential buyers. It is this abundance of choice that makes the AVIGNON MOTOR FESTIVAL a showcase for all aspects of this passionate subject, while its meteoric development has turned it into a major European event of the highest quality. Several factors explain this:

The AVIGNON MOTOR FESTIVAL is based on a concept which is unique in France: it brings together the whole family of “automobility” from past to present.

A "garage sale" area which is getting bigger every year.

Avignon: close to everything

Avignon, in the département of Vaucluse,  lies within a radius of 400 kilometres, between Bordeaux, Toulouse and Perpignan to the west; to Nice and Monaco to the east; Dijon to the north and Marseilles to the south; with cities such as Lyon, Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier, Valence, Nîmes, Aix-en-Provence, Toulon, Digne, Gap, Grenoble, Saint Étienne all within this radius. But there’s also Barcelona, Geneva, Lausanne, Torino, and Milan, and even England, with Southampton and Exeter just one-and-a-half hours’ flight from the City of the Popes. The Avignon Motor Festival lies within easy reach for any individiual or group in Europe.

Targeted communication

From the beginning, AMF set up targeted publicity, mostly through the trade press but also through the general press: magazines, regional daily newspapers, free press, outdoor publicity, radio and the Internet. Media partnerships set up over time have ensured maximum publicity for the event. A simultaneous campaign of regional billboard advertising (400cm x 300cm and 320 x 240 cm posters), urban billboard advertising with 120cm x 176cm posters, as well as a vast advertising effort in Avignon itself with the distribution of flyers, 30cm x 50cm posters, direct marketing and e-mailing round out the media schedule.

A packed programme of events

Out with the traditional motor show fair concept – the AVIGNON MOTOR FESTIVAL offers much more!  Here, enthusiasts of all kinds and all ages meet and rub shoulders to form one great family. More than 2600 VINTAGE CARS will be showcased, together with PLANES / BOATS / TRUCKS / DRAGSTERS / LEISURE MOTOR VEHICLES / HOT RODS / MOTORCYCLES / TRACTORS.

Parts and model car fair
Garage sale area
ARTMOBILE art gallery
Three classic car parks
Vintage trucks and tractors
Military vehicles
Util'Avi Rally

Fashion show                                                                                                                                                                  Auctions
Gala evening
Stunt show or Free style show
Preparation and tune up competition
Legend cars and go karts

A visitor friendly festival Our registration procedures simplify arrival and set-up for exhibitors. Numerous cafés, restaurants and terraces provide a place where visitors can relax and chat.

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